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Feel beautiful in your skin

without feeling like you have anything on your skin...naturally!

Wholesome Artisan Elegant

Luxurious in touch and application, our cosmetics allow skin to thrive with artisan-blended, clean ingredients. Give your skin everything it needs to look and feel its best under the Red Umbrella!

naturally healthy looking skin

Only the best Ingredients

Only the best Ingredients

We always avoid known irritants and formulate with vegetarian and gluten free ingredients. Our makeup and skincare products lavish your skin with loving care! We like to think one of our best features is what is NOT in our products!

What We're Made Of

Artisan Crafted

Formulas, powders, and colors crafted by artisans who care about what goes on your skin - because what goes on can go in. Created from a nature based philosophy with sensitive skin in mind.

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Artisan Crafted
A Better, Beautiful You

A Better, Beautiful You

Basking in earth's minerals, emollient oils, rich butters, and only tested on ourselves, your skin will thrive and glow with confident beauty.

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A ‘Wholistic’ approach to beauty!

Explore some of the cleanest cosmetics you’ll find. Our makeup is made with ingredients that have been carefully chosen with your well-being in mind. We believe you should never compromise to look good so we develop products to enhance your beauty knowing that what goes on your skin should have the least possible chance of irritation or allergy.  We create Artisan cosmetics in small batches that provide excellent coverage and we demonstrate innovative makeup application techniques to achieve a look that suits your needs.  In other words, we create cosmetics that benefit the 'whole' you so you're not just a pretty face!

Our Bestseller

Mineral Melt Foundation - Organic and Natural Makeup

Mineral Melt Foundation

The favored Mineral Melt Foundation boasts excellent coverage while remaining a light, mineral-based makeup powder that leaves you looking fresh all day without the drying effect so many of us have experienced.
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We're Blushing...

Because of my large pores, I have always used the heavy crème base. I was always self-conscious of using heavy makeup. But after talking with Terri and trusting her advice and learning the value of good makeup, I switched. I do not have daily active acne anymore and the foundation is light on my face. I love it! Thanks Terri.
I have absolutely LOVED using the "Red Umbrella" Products. I took advantage of the Minerals and Skin care products; along with the brushes. WOW! No regrets! The line is affordable, natural, nicely packaged and YES! It wears so well!