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Do your products have an SPF?  Our mineral products contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide along with other diffusing and refracting ingredients.  We cannot claim an SPF as they have not been tested and testing is very costly and unreliable.  We also feel that everyone applies their minerals differently and this makes SPF very individual.  One may apply more heavily and receive more protection while another may just apply enough to even out their skin tone and have less protection; all while using the same product.  If you require a specific SPF, we recommend finding a natural product offering one to apply under your makeup.  
Do you test on animals?  We do not test on animals and never will.  We see no need for testing on anyone that doesn't wear makeup.  We are choosing from ingredients that are considered safe for you.  When selecting raw ingredients, we test them on our own skin to make sure there is no reaction.  Having developed our company because of sensitives of our own, we formulate for people like us.
Do you offer samples?  Yes, we have samples of our foundation, concealer and blush colors.  You can purchase them on the same page as you would a full-size container.
Are your products gluten free?  We do not use gluten containing ingredients in any of our formulas.  We have many customers that are sensitive to gluten as well as ourselves and, even though there are some ingredients out there that come from gluten containing grains that are good for the skin, we choose not to use them in order to avoid issues.  
Are your products vegan?  All of our products are either vegan or vegetarian.  The few ingredients we may someday choose to use that are not vegan do not contain animal parts or extracts but would be sustainably produced by the animal such as honey or beeswax.  Even our brushes are synthetic and you'll love them so much more than any animal hair brush!
Do you use Titanium Dioxide in your formulas?  Due to the often unlabeled inclusion in many foods (especially 'health' foods) of titanium dioxide, we have a concern of ingesting this non-essential element.  While we have done a thorough re-evaluation of its use as a topical cosmetic ingredient and find it safe and acceptable when not micronized, we felt that keeping it out of your lipstick was a way of showing how much we love you!  Because, as you know, you are consuming your lipstick whether you realize it or not!