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Red Umbrella Cosmetics uses great care in choosing suppliers of quality ingredients and handles these ingredients carefully for your safety.  The ingredients we use are natural and/or considered very safe for cosmetic use.  We don’t want something on our skin that we might be concerned about our skin absorbing.  With that said, there are still natural things that cause allergies in some people.  This is why we have provided sample sizes of many of our products for you to test color and compatibility.  We do not make any claims about our products except that we love them, use them ourselves and have no adverse effects.  We’ve noticed that any changes in our skin were for the better, however, we cannot guarantee anyone else’s results.  If you have any doubt about how our products might affect your skin, please try a patch test with the sample size before you invest in the full size.

Due to the nature of our products and for hygienic reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges so we ask that you choose carefully.  We anticipate you loving our products but we must adhere to this policy to keep us all safe and healthy.  In case of any fulfillment errors, we will always make it right with you.  Please note that everyone’s computer monitor is unique and may show colors differently.  We have described the colors as closely as possible so you can visualize them in case your monitor doesn’t do them justice.  Remember, we’re always available to answer your questions…just click to contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP!