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We believe pretty is an opinion but beauty is a fact.  Everyone is beautiful as they are.   We want you to feel as beautiful as we know you are so we create products that are good to your skin, feel wonderful, and give you excellent results.  Our formulas, powders and colors are artisan crafted by us and exclusive to us.  We carefully choose our raw ingredients for gentleness and coverage without compromise.  Our goal is for you to use products that compliment your God-given beauty.  We want you to cover the blemishes life throws at you—not who you are—and enhance your natural beauty.  We feel strongly about the safety of the ingredients you apply to your skin and how they affect you. We research our ingredients extensively and don't use any that we consider harmful or that cause us any adverse effects.   Although we do not advocate ingesting our products, our philosophy is to not use any ingredients that would harm if they were ingested.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.  Even though we are an online company without a brick and mortar store, we still want you to feel like you are shopping with us face to face.  We love to hear from our customers and our goal is to always be helpful.
Our Story
Having our own troubled skin, we found ingredients in nearly every cosmetic we tried made it worse and created a need for more product to cover the issues or to discontinue use.  It made no sense to continue the cycle of purchase, break out, toss, repeat.  Covering our own troubled skin without further exacerbating any skin issues was the main original goal in the formulation of our products.  But we didn't just want to cover things up, we wanted them to be good enough to not create more issues.  There had to be something that would provide coverage without compromise.  After much research, trial, error, testing and prayer, we found that we not only didn't have to compromise, but we saw improvements in our skin over time because of what was not in our products.  It only seemed fair to share what we created with anyone wanting to lead a more natural lifestyle and so Red Umbrella Cosmetics was born.   
  About the Artisan
Terri has been an artist of some kind all her life.  She's always creating and creative.  She learned to sew, cook and craft at a very early age and inherited these talents from both her grandparents and parents.  Educated in Fashion Merchandising, she worked in sales, management and as a buyer. She later custom created formal wear and clothing as a home business which evolved into interior decorating creating soft furnishings and window treatments. For the last 10+ years, in an effort to reverse her and her families' own health issues, she has studied and researched nutrition, traditional and herbal medicine and all the things God has given us to stay or become healthy. Having struggled most of her life with her own skin issues, she creates products that are both clean and artful to enhance your skin. She is a Certified Natural Health Professional and applies her research and knowledge to all her products.  With the assistance of her family, Red Umbrella Industries exists for your beautiful skin. They are so thankful for all of the beautiful people who purchase, use and love their products!






Terri Gabriel, CNHP