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Mineral Foundation Application

One of our favorite ways to apply is a moist application.  This works well on all skin types and looks like your own, flawless skin when you're finished.  First, spritz your face with our Copper Drops or pure water and buff your clean Chub-buki or Powder Brush over your entire face so that both the brush and your face are damp but neither one wet.  Next swirl or tamp your brush into the minerals in the lid of your jar and tap off any excess.  Buff this onto your face gently.  If you feel you need heavier coverage, you can spritz the palm of your hand and swirl your brush in the moisture and then pick up more powder with your damp brush.  Buff the areas where you need more coverage.  The next step is to cover any blemishes not fully concealed by the foundation. I like to use a crease brush to just touch some loose powder or concealer onto any spots that need coverage but you can choose from a variety of brushes here.  I then take my Chub-buki and touch (not buff) over the spots to blend.  You'll be amazed at the coverage a nd look as if you had no makeup on at all and just have amazing skin...which you might with the continued use of natural products!
You can always use the Mineral Melt in the typical, dry fashion if that is your preference. Just tap some product into the lid of your jar, swirl your brush into the powder and tap off the excess.  Lightly buff or tap your minerals onto your skin and blend them gently.  Too much buffing can take the minerals off of your skin when you use this technique so don't get carried away!
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