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A Peace of Your Heart

This last segment of our 5 weeks together will be short but powerful.  It’s your week to let old things go, to upgrade your attitude about life, yourself, and those who surround you or enter your life for a season.  You need to be able to forgive yourself for the things you may have done that contributed to any skin or life issues you may have or have had.  You can begin to renew your skin as well as your life by incorporating the steps we’ve talked about.  We want you to know we understand, we’ve been there, too.  This week, let's upgrade your care for your mind and spirit.  The last piece of the puzzle is your... 
It is said that there is an emotional component of every dis-ease.  We believe that to be true.  I feel the only One anyone needs to please is their Creator.  With that, everyone else that matters will love you for who you were created to be.  We must have the strength to forgive others and ourselves.  Many of us have done things that demonstrate we don’t think highly of ourselves.  To think that you were made perfectly as the person you were meant to be is sometimes hard.  I have often blamed myself for the terrible diet and perception of 'healthcare' I had in the past because it contributed to my poor health and skin issues.  But I have to put things into perspective.  If I had not experienced those issues, I would have had no reason to create products that have helped me and, consequently, others regain the confidence to hold our heads up and change the look and health of our skin.  For these experiences I’m grateful. Things don’t happen without reason and we should accept the opportunity to grow.  Using experiences to help ourselves and others grow makes them worthwhile.  What experience have you had that might change someone else’s life for the better?   
Look past the things you do or have done to create skin that is less than perfect.  Walk away from the mirror that looks back at you and says you don’t look as good as that airbrushed model.  She isn’t real.  No one looks like her, not even her.  Don’t over analyze your skin and try to keep your hands away from your face.  The scars are not worth it and will catch up to you more as your skin ages.  The things you’ve been doing over the last 4 weeks will help diminish them, but why create them in the first place?  I spent years trying to ‘remove’ blemishes only to make them more visible.  
You now understand what differentiates great skin from problem skin.  Live a life full of joy and fullness no matter what may come.  Avoid toxic people and relationships as much as possible.  Take control of your wellbeing.  We are not promised tomorrow and today is already in progress.  Share smiles, love, hope, grace and peace with someone else today and see if you don’t have people talking behind your back about how gorgeous and glowing you look.  They might even tell you to your face!
Remember, pretty is opinion but beauty is a fact of life for everyone!  And now you know it all starts on the inside...<3