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Skinemy #3

We hate to even talk about this but the truth is...your gut flora is EVERYTHING to your skin.  Well...It's everything to your whole body but if you want great skin, you have to be clean and balanced inside.  
It's normal to have 'gut bugs' that make up your diverse microbiome and you want them in a balanced state so the good guys can fight the bad guys.  Staying away from processed sugar as well as limiting bad carbs that turn into 'bad guy food' and watching your grain intake if that adversely affects you will be your first line of attack.  Overuse of antibiotics and some other medications kill the good guys in your gut, too. I think we all know this. 
What about those creepy crawlers that we didn't realize we had?  Yeah, I know, it's nasty but we have to address them.  They aren't limited to third world countries or dirty places.  They also don't discriminate.  Everyone has the potential to be exposed.  A few of the ways you can be exposed are unwashed produce, raw or cooked food that's been sitting out too long, dirty water, and kiddos that don't wash their hands after (put what kids do here).  Larger parasites can also harbor smaller parasites.  What???  But we can't live in fear.  We just have to be proactive about avoiding or eliminating them.  If necessary, a successful parasite cleanse can do wonders for your skin!  There are many symptoms of possible parasite infestations but a few that may show up on your face are:
This means acne of all types, eczema, hives and rosacea to name a few.  Anything mysterious that you can't explain as well as skin that won't heal or is itchy.
 Especially those above the upper lip or from parasite caused poor eye-site that makes you squint.
Teeth grinding 
This can lead to more wrinkles and tension on the face.
Dark circles
Find them under or around the eyes as well as swelling around the eyes.
Sleep issues
These keep you from a good night of beauty rest.
Loss or thinning of hair 
OK, that's not your skin but it makes you feel better about your face. 
Many of these symptoms may lead to loss of skin elasticity.
There are many other signs of parasites but they aren't always obvious by looking at your skin.  Do some research for other signs you may have.  You may want to find a supportive health professional or functional medicine doctor to have on your team while/if you should find yourself with the need to clean these nasties up.  Better out than in and your skin (and life) could improve immensely!
Now don't think that just because you have one or more of these symptoms it means you have parasites!  It's just an avenue to explore if you think it may explain any issues you may be having.  Keep yourself armed with knowledge to best care for and protect yourself from things that could leave you with less than optimal skin and health. 
You might thank me later. 
Or maybe not ;)



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