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Skinemy #2...or is it?

Do you love the warm weather as much as I do?  But with warm weather (and cold) we often have the SUN soaking our skin with it's rays.
So is this a bad thing? 
We get our best Vitamin D, something very necessary, from the sun!  How can that be bad?  The problem is too much of what produces a good thing.  Maybe it's not too much but it's too fast. We love sunshine and don't think it's bad for you or your skin.  We don't love chemical laden sunscreens.  Since getting sun is important, we recommend getting it in small increments and gradually easing into longer periods (but not too long) as your skin adapts.  We've heard 10 minutes of unprotected sun each day provides optimal Vitamin D.  Most people can take that much time in the sun without any issue (or at least work up to it).  It also seems to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the colder months.  Your body is supposed to be able to retain it's Vitamin D and use it when you can't get out or the sun doesn't come out.  However, staying in the sun longer than your skin can handle (and that is different for everyone) is not doing your skin any favors.  So stay smart, use only the cleanest, non-nano particle, chemical-free sunscreens if you need to be out beyond your skin's adapted time, and wear hats, beautiful, long-sleeved linen blouses (because any excuse to wear beautiful things is welcome!) or carry a parasol/umbrella if you need to be out too long without protection.  
So what do you think?  Do you love or fear the sun?  Maybe somewhere in the middle is the happy place to be!

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