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Skinemy #1

Any guesses? 
It's in almost every food you order at a fast food restaurant and many at slow food places. It's hidden in supplements, medications, even 'health foods' and nut milks.  It can have great benefits topically but internally can wreck havoc and slow or damage cells and organs.  When used in moderation as an unrefined, mineral rich ingredient, it may have some benefits.  But too much can turn your body into a slow metabolizing, acidic environment.  It throws off hormone balance and blood sugar levels.  It feeds bad bacteria in the gut which, in turn, feeds the bad bacteria that is escaping via your skin in the form of acne, eczema and other rashes.  If you suffer from seasonal allergies and/or congestion, this may be a major contributing factor due to its ability to compromise the immune system.  It is one of the most ageing foods you can consume.  It can cause headaches and other detox symptoms when you try to remove it as an addiction from your diet.
We completely understand if you have a problem giving it up!  We do, too!  But if you want to have great health that leads to great skin, it would be beneficial to let it go.  We're sure you know what it is by now! 
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Nov 09, 2018 • Posted by Terri

So sorry I missed this comment, Brenda. Know that you are not alone! I’ve struggled with it all my life. We do the best we can and pray over the rest!

Nov 09, 2018 • Posted by Brenda

I have a hard time giving up sugar but i am cutting back.

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